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200 BTC From Satoshi Nakamoto’s Time Has Just Been Moved.


Cryogenic bitcoins are resurrected-Since Satoshi Nakamoto’s last known contact in April 2011, every sign of life from him has been closely monitored. When old bitcoins (BTC) mined prior to that date suddenly begin moving, questions arise. In this case, four 50 BTC transactions (mined in 2010) are under scrutiny.

Bitcoins Are Finally Moving, Nearly 12 Years After Being Mined.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s last known writings were in an email explaining that he had “moved on” from his creation, Bitcoin, which was introduced in January 2009.

Transactions carried out on June 24, 2022 witnessed the movement of bitcoins created about 12 years earlier, as documented in particular by Bitcoin.com. These are bitcoins earned as a block reward on September 15, 16, 26, and October 29, 2010.

You should be aware that at the time, the prize for each validated block was 50 bitcoins. Miners now only earn 6.25 BTC each block after three “halvings” (halvings of the block reward).

The strange thing is that these four 50-bitcoin transactions occurred within the same transaction block on June 24 (at the height of block 742,183). This synchrony of movement, as well as the close proximity of these BTCs’ beginning mining dates, implies that they were moved and recovered by the same individual.

More Than $4 Million In BTC Is Coming To Life.

This theory of a single person behind these BTC transactions is substantially supported by an index. The sending and receiving addresses are the same (bc1q923flzmmrcqvpu5j92szjt8699yxnldgshlfv5).

Despite the recent significant dip in BTC prices, there is still a total of $4.2 million that has been shifted from the past to the present at the current price.

So far, this unknown miner from 2010 does not appear to be interested in Bitcoin splits. He did not, in fact, touch Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or Bitcoin SV (BSV). The two cryptocurrencies were produced as a result of the rift between these two projects and the original BTC blockchain.

But who might have mined these bitcoins over a decade ago? The earliest Bitcoin miners were few and far between until the end of 2009. As a reward, they earned a large amount of BTC. However, the earliest relatives of Bitcoin trading platforms debuted around 2010. This appearance drew the first “Bitcoin Rush” of cryptocurrency miners. With so many mining participants, determining the identity of our “resuscitator” of today’s bitcoins is challenging.

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