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5 Best Cryptocurrency Tracking Websites That Make Keeping Track of Your Crypto Investments Easy.


Since Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled two of the most significant innovations of our generation—Bitcoin and the blockchain technology that underpins it—in 2008, much has changed in the world of finance.

After 11 years, blockchains and cryptocurrencies are not only hot topics right now, but they are also leading the way in innovation with IoT and AI. The market and the technology have not yet reached maturity, despite the fact that they have been there for more than ten years.

For any newbie, getting started with cryptocurrency may be an extremely difficult undertaking. Fortunately, there are many excellent online resources available that may offer intriguing and useful insight into the technology underlying cryptocurrencies, the market, and ultimately what is to come.

The most helpful websites (and online resources) for bitcoin enthusiasts are included in this article. Here are some excellent online tools that anyone just getting started in cryptocurrency may utilize to get to know the industry and all of its ins and outs.


The most well-known cryptocurrency comparison website in the whole cryptosphere is CoinMarketCap.com. All cryptocurrency enthusiasts should visit this site to check out coin lists, price tracking, and a wealth of other information.
The website updates its whole database once every two minutes. Anyone wishing to invest in the market needs the platform. In addition, detailed analysis of items like daily, weekly, and monthly trade values and price fluctuations for the time period are shown on CoinMarketCap. Users can choose to filter projects using a full list of exchanges, circulating bid, total bid, and other criteria.
Such a website is not exclusive to CoinMarketCap. Platforms like OnChainFX, CoinCodex, CryptoCompare, BitInfoCharts, CoinCheckup, and CoinGecko are some of the better choices.


With the help of a dedicated team, the well-known worldwide financial comparison website Finder provides useful research guides, market analyses, reviews, financial comparisons, interviews, news, and even podcasts. One of the most reliable places in the industry to learn about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency ventures, and even exchange research.

Additionally, a variety of video programs, podcasts, interviews, and video instructions are available on the platform’s YouTube, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Crypto Finder TV channels.


As was already noted, there are a ton of excellent and practical web tools available to help crypto fans everywhere. Keeping track of more than two or three people, though, may be difficult and annoying. Because of this, cryptocurrency news aggregators are likely among the greatest tools to employ if you want to make sure you keep up with all the most recent developments.

One of the most well-known news aggregation websites is called CryptoPanic. Everything that is shown on the site is arranged by a trained staff. Users may construct customised lists of websites that are relevant to them and filter material in a variety of ways. Several unique features are only available to premium customers, such the ability to set up instant alerts and create custom RSS/Atom feeds.


Another website that offers the crypto community real-time statistics data and exchange prices is called CryptoCompare. It gives customers a thorough rundown of virtual currencies, wallet providers, exchanges, and many types of helpful mining data (such as mining calculators). Like any worldwide network, CryptoCompare provides users with a section devoted to guidelines.


A website called Airdrops.io focuses on compiling all of the most important bitcoin airdrops. Users may access areas like Exclusive Airdrops, Hot Airdrops, Latest Airdrops, etc. through its user-friendly interface and contemporary design. The fact that this platform also includes a variety of educational articles, reviews, and comparisons is one of its strongest features.

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