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A marketing director is being sought by Google.


For several months, Google Cloud has been interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. The Alphabet subsidiary is now looking for a new marketing leader to help it navigate the Web 3.0 shift.

Google Cloud has announced the opening of a “Head of Product Marketing” role in a job offer. The candidate will be in charge of spreading the word about the company’s Web 3.0 activities. According to the offer, the focus is on marketing and promoting products to new customers:

“In this role, you will be responsible for key go-to-market aspects that establish Google Cloud within the community, enterprise, and developer community. You will manage the entire process, from awareness and consideration to creating […] customer demand. »

Web 3.0 is becoming increasingly important to Google Cloud.

While Google was one of the monarchs of Web 2.0, it does not appear to be eager to give in to the Web 3.0 revolution so quickly. The American behemoth, on the other hand, claims that as a technology business, it too wishes to participate in this change.

Google Cloud even stated in an early-year release that it was “inspired” by what has already been accomplished and what is being constructed in this area:

We are inspired by the work already done by our customers in the cryptocurrency space, and we look forward to  providing the infrastructure and technologies  necessary to support the possibilities offered by blockchain. 

At the time, Google Cloud announced the formation of a team focused on blockchain and decentralized technologies. The goal was to enable all interesting efforts, from node validation and on-chain governance to assisting users in hosting their nodes in the cloud.

Google Cloud is looking for a Marketing Director to join their newly established team. On behalf of the subsidiary, Rohit Bhat, director of financial markets and cryptocurrencies, is in charge.



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