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Adobe Behance is adding support for Solana NFTs


Solana (SOL) blockchain non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can now be exhibited on Adobe’s Behance visual art platform. After the Ethereum (ETH) network, this novelty is a continuation of the American software giant and should make it possible to serve a wider range of creators.


Solana network NFTs are showcased on Behance

Behance is a social platform allowing illustrators, graphic designers, and photographers to expose their creations to their community. The latter can interact with the artist by commenting on his creations, and by subscribing to exclusive content if he wishes to support him.

It is already possible since last year to share on Behance its non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that we will have previously linked to our Adobe ID from the Photoshop software. This allows you to authenticate your work. But this feature was previously only available on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

However, the importance of fees on the Ethereum network and the criticisms inherent in the supposed ecological disaster of the proof of work was a brake on the rise of this tool. However, the fees on the Solana blockchain are so low, that we could qualify them as non-existent and a transaction on the network would consume less energy than two searches on Google. An asset of choice for this novelty.

Now creators on the platform can link their Phantom wallet to their Adobe account. This feature was developed in partnership with QuickNode, a Miami-based company offering Web 3.0-oriented solutions.

The value brought by this solution

Given the nature of the Internet, where content is offered seemingly for free, content creators are often subject to plagiarism and theft. And visual art is frequently at the forefront.

Beyond the irrational speculation that we have witnessed in recent months, non-fungible tokens are probably one of the most effective solutions for protecting the intellectual property of artists.

In this specific case, after having linked their wallet, they will be able to publish NFTs on Behance by entering their ID and the address of the smart contract. The blockchain will then be able to verify that the creator is indeed the owner of the NFT since he will have previously linked it to his address via Photoshop’s Content Credentials solution.

By purchasing a work, the purchaser can then receive a digital copy certifying its authenticity. For his part, the artist will receive royalties each time his creation is resold. This technology gives back the benefits of intellectual property to creators, this is typically one of the major pillars of Web 3.0 which is being built.










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