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Are Do Kwon and LFG holding LUNA tokens in safeguard for Terra Classic (LUNC) ?


Do Kwon, the founder of Terra Classic, continues to be the target of an Interpol international arrest order. The South Korean prosecutor’s office also froze bitcoins worth more than $40 million at the same time. Kwon allegedly moved these BTC to cryptocurrency exchanges, according to the police.

Do Kwon claims he is not hiding from law police or responsible for the transactions described, but there are signs he may be seeking to cash in on the new Terra blockchain.

Do Kwon introduced a new blockchain following the collapse of the TerraUSD, which also brought the Terra LUNA with it. The community that had been shook by the currency meltdown was to be made whole by airdropping the new Terra LUNA tokens. According to Do Kwon and TerraForm Lab, they won’t be getting any of the new tokens.

The evidence that Do Kwon is attempting to obtain money is accumulating once more, and the community has been watching this development with mistrust. FatManTerra, a Terra whistleblower, asserts that many hundred thousand LUNA were moved from a wallet that Do Kwon has access to to Binance. Parallel to that, the LUNA Foundation Guard reportedly transmitted LUNA to Binance using Do Kwon Shadow Wallets. We’re talking about a seven-figure sum all together.

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