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Beeple’s Twitter account has been hacked.


The Twitter account of artist Beeple, with whom he has worked on multiple non-fungible token (NFT) projects, was hacked on Sunday.
Over $400,000 in stolen monies resulted from the propagation of phishing links.

On Sunday, the artist Beeple’s Twitter account was hijacked.
The hackers published phishing URLs promoting non-fungible token (NFT) schemes twice, earning almost $400,000 at the expense of the victims.

Because Beeple is well-known for his digital efforts, this attack may have appeared credible. The initial link led to an alleged partnership with Louis Vuitton and the theft of 36 ETH. The trick was not chosen at random, but it is this artist who designed a portion of the NFTs in the French brand’s mobile game.

However, the hackers did not stop there and posted another phishing link on Beeple’s Twitter profile.
Developer Harry Denley warned the community with screenshots of the second staging:


The fake article in question also claimed more victims, and the two combined activities resulted in a total of 225 ETH being collected and transmitted to the Tornado Cash mixer.

Beeple verified the hack after recovering control of his account. He also mentioned the saying “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is”:


It is impossible to develop precise regulations to combat this type of scam, but we must warn that in the context of a real initiative, the actors involved will prepare the ground and move forward with marketing. If the reverse occurs, it is certainly preferable to pass up a chance than to put your wealth in danger.
Malicious people take advantage of emotions and a sense of urgency.



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