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Bitcoin: A platform based on the Lightning Network is being developed by MicroStrategy.


The titan MicroStrategy has almost 130,000 bitcoins (BTC) in its possession and is developing a platform based on the Lightning Network. This platform, which is geared for enterprises, will create fresh e-commerce applications for the Lightning Network.

MicroStrategy actively works on developing Bitcoin
You are undoubtedly familiar with MicroStrategy due to its insatiable thirst for Bitcoin (BTC). The American business has been acquiring bitcoins for some time and presently owns 130,000 of them, or 1.05% of all bitcoins in existence.

However, did you realize that MicroStrategy’s primary business is creating business intelligence software?

In fact, since they enable businesses to utilize enormous volumes of data to inform choices, the tools created by MicroStrategy have nothing to do with Bitcoin.

The startup started creating a platform leveraging Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, a well-known scaling solution that lowers network costs and transaction execution time, building on its domain knowledge and its shown affection for Bitcoin.

As a result, it is seeking a software engineer with expertise in developing solutions that take use of the Lightning Network and the Bitcoin blockchain. The job description in question reads as follows:

“As a Bitcoin Software Engineer at MicroStrategy, you will build a SaaS platform [Software as a Service; Editor’s note] based on the Lightning network, offering companies innovative solutions to cybersecurity challenges and enabling new use cases for e-commerce. »

The business intends to provide experts with capabilities through this platform so that they may, we think, take payments over the Lightning Network.

Thus, the massive MicroStrategy is going to transition from being a “basic” Bitcoin holder to an important figure in the creation of the Lightning Network.

Good news that will please followers of this scaling option for Bitcoin, which is gaining popularity daily.


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