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Bitcoin drops below $35000 after attacks between Russia and Ukraine


The asset, which has been in sharp decline since last autumn, plunged overnight on Wednesday in the wake of the Russian attack in Ukraine.

Bitcoin fell below $35,000 on Wednesday night after Russian troops invaded Ukraine. Relatively stable in recent days at around $37,000, the asset fell sharply to a low of $34,472.

The asset rallied slightly in early morning trading back above $35,000 but was still showing signs of weakness as European stock markets slumped in early trading.

This fall comes in a downward trend that the crypto asset has been experiencing since last November. After flirting with $68,000, Bitcoin fell sharply to $35,030 on 22 January. The asset then began a recovery, which was eventually thwarted by the Russian invasion. Bitcoin had not fallen below $35,000 since July 2017.

In the wake of Bitcoin, the larger cryptocurrencies also fell: Ethereum traded at $2,300, while Binance Coin fell from $368 to $335.


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