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Cardano First place for PoS blockchains, according to the White House.


Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano, has always understood the uniqueness of his platform. Even the White House gave him their approval. The government has requested a study on the effect of the blockchain sector on global warming.

The most significant blockchains in terms of market value and power usage were identified as part of the analysis. Cardano placed third on this ranking, just behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. Since both Bitcoin and Ethereum are built on the “Proof-of-Work” process, ADA is at the forefront of “Proof-of-Stake” blockchains.

And as the ADA community rejoices over the dub as it should, IOHK has stated that the Vasil hardfork will begin on September 22 following a thorough testing of all key components. New Vasil features won’t, however, be accessible on the mainnet until epoch 366, which is anticipated to occur on September 27th, according to the developers.

However, the NFT Artano marketplace offered a demonstration of how the update boosts the blockchain’s effectiveness. According to tests, transaction costs drop by 76–77% while the amount of data needed to complete a transaction drops by up to 92–%.

Technical Course Marks for Cardano

The price of ADA/USD is up 1.15% to $0.5157, and the weekly gain is 5.37%.

The 38.2 percent Fibo retracement at $0.5219 provided resistance to the surge. The psychological level of $0.5000 and the 50 percent Fibo retracement of $0.4995 provided support for the subsequent downward decline.

Trading above this area indicates that a test of the 38.2% Fibo retracement is imminent. The possibilities of additional advances toward the 23.6% Fibo retracement of $0.5497 grow if the daily close rises above this level.

On the other side, one should anticipate losses in the direction of the 61.8 percent Fibo retracement of $4771 if the upward momentum fades and the daily closing price is below the 50% Fibo retracement.

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