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Chris Brown Launches His first NFT Collection


Fans of Chris Brown can cheer. Their idol, the songwriter, has recently announced the release of his debut NFT collection. An American collection that the designer will debut in conjunction with John Dean, the founder of the well-known streetwear label. On May 10, a collection will be released!

The “Auracles NFT” collection will be available next week!

The American rapper puts the small dishes in the big ones by announcing the online release of his first NFT collection, “Auracles.” The songwriter, now persuaded of the importance and promise of Web 3.0, contributes his stone to the structure. The two artists seek to elevate the streetwear sector with this NFT line.

This NFT collection should also enable NFT holders to get actual goods based on the NFTs they own. The Auricle features avatars of a dark superhero with time travel and shapeshifting abilities. The collection created by the two artists should be ready on May 10th! Parallel to this endeavor, a streetwear collection will be released on the same day.

A series honoring minorities

One of Chris Brown’s launch biases was to include blacks in the launch of this product. As a result, during the launch of Auracles, Brown and Dean collaborated with a group of black developers and artists. The two artists also contacted the BlackNFTART collective, which is in charge of integrating black artists into the often-closed world of NFTs. According to John Dean, this is a necessary condition for increasing community awareness of the initiative.

The Auracle team also intends to give out 111 Auracle NFTs for free. In keeping with the two artists’ objective to provide diversity to the metaverse, Indeed, Dean believes that Web3 has the capacity to remedy many of the inequalities that exist in the current world. He claims that NFTs allow artists to “profit from their labor while maintaining ownership of their narrative.”

In any case, this cooperation between the two musicians serves to showcase Chris Brown’s career. In the following weeks, the musician will embark on a tour of several dozen events in the United States.

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