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Coinbase NFTs Marketplace is Open To The Public


Prepare your tokens for the Coinbase NFT Marketplace –Coinbase’s non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace beta launched less than a month ago. At this time, the interface is only available to beta testers. Coinbase’s NFT marketplace is now open to the public!

NFTS Coinbase Hunt

The Coinbase NFT marketplace is now open to all potential customers, only two weeks after its initial debut. This marketplace is still in beta, which means the Coinbase team is still working on it and adding new features.

Sanchan S. Saxena, Vice President of Coinbase, said about this NFT marketplace:

“We are building a marketplace where you can obviously buy and sell NFTs, but even more so, where you can get involved.” You can get involved with the creator. You can get involved with the collector. And you can get involved with other collectors to form a community around an NFT. This is an important part of our strategy.

During the initial launch of its NFT marketplace, Coinbase announced its future plans. The exchange will gradually include elements in its marketplace that match its vision of Web 3, notably in its social component.

“We plan to add drops, mint features, NFT communities, and the ability to purchase tokens with your Coinbase account or credit card.”

Furthermore, the exchange has said that various blockchains would be supported.

Many other exchanges have followed the NFT trend after the debut of the Binance marketplace in June 2021 (FTX, Okcoin). Furthermore, only last week, the Kraken exchange announced the imminent debut of its NFT marketplace. Users who want to join the waiting list can do so now.

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