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Cryptocurrencies Will Be Accepted By Sling TV


Sling TV, an American streaming television provider, has announced that it is now accepting bitcoin payments from consumers who pay their monthly subscriptions. Sling TV revealed that it will accept seven different cryptocurrencies and five stablecoins through the crypto payment operator Bitpay.

Sling stated in the announcement that it is committed to providing consumers with “flexibility, choice, and ease,” and that this relationship would allow users to pick and pay for numerous digital services using cryptocurrency.

This comes at a time when cryptocurrency is becoming a more popular means of making transactions. Users who already have a monthly subscription can use BitPay with Sling, while new users must use standard payment methods.

Customers will also require a cryptocurrency wallet with a cryptocurrency loaded into it. Subscribers of Sling will be able to access the wallet using the BitPay app or any other popular app, such as Coinbase or Electrum.

Customers will be able to make manual payments using BitPay, but they will also be able to prepay for up to six months. The subscription will be invoiced to the payment method on file when the prepaid term expires.

Earlier this month, BitPay CEO Stephen Pair stated that as bitcoin ownership grows in popularity, more individuals will be able to utilize it for its intended purpose of making payments.

Sling joins a wave of companies that have added crypto payment functionality in the previous year. Well-known businesses such as Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP), Sheetz convenience shops, Phillips Auction House, Verifone, Sotheby’s, RM Sotheby’s, American Residential Warranty (ARW), and Tifon gas stations have implemented crypto payment support in the previous year. According to a Visa study performed in mid-January of this year, one in every four companies asked is expected to accept cryptocurrency payments this year.

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