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Decathlon Launches His NFT Collection!


Every week, a brand announces its intention to create a collection of NFTs or to deploy its service in the metaverse. Decathlon has announced the release of a collection of 2,008 NFTs today. Séan Garnier, a French freestyler, collaborated in the creation of this collection.

Decathlon introduces their NFT sneaker range!

Decathlon has just released their NFT collection, Kipsta Barrio, in partnership with freestyler Séan Garnier. A collection with a total of 2,008 distinct sneakers. In reference to the French world champion title won in 2008 in Sao Paulo. This cooperation between the company and the athlete so pays homage to the career of the world’s most famous French freestyler.

Each shoe in the collection grants access to an NFT equivalent, which is symbolized by a “Golden Ticket.” These golden tickets grant access to the freestyle world champion’s private and tailored experiences.

In the finest tradition of Decathlon’s products, the balance of quality/price and elegance appears to be respected once more. The French brand expects that by working together, it will be able to avoid missing the NFT transition. Decathlon’s NFT leader, Valentin Auvinet, explains:

For Decathlon, the Kipsta Barrio project is the first step into the world of Blockchain and NFT. We therefore wanted to surround ourselves with partners who are references in their universe. We hope that this collaboration with Séan Garnier will call for many more and we can’t wait for the public to adopt this new pair.

The collection is already available on the Decathlon website.


On the Tezos blockchain, there is an NFT project!

Even if Ethereum is the uncontested leader in the NFT space, other blockchains are clearly developing like Solana and Tezos.

Decathlon therefore joins a number of other organizations who have adopted Tezos. Tezos has also been used by Formula One teams such as McLaren and Red Bull to improve fan engagement.

Tezos was chosen for Decathlon in part because of environmental concerns. Tezos is widely regarded as one of the least energy-intensive blockchains on the market. The alliance of two French entities was most likely also significant in the outcome.

In any case, the general manager of Nomadic Labs, the main research and development facility for the Tezos blockchain, is overjoyed with this new collaboration:

Decathlon has been recognized for years for its innovation. We are happy to see that they are rolling out their first NFT on Tezos. And who better than freestyle soccer world champion Séan Garnier to symbolize this project!

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