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Dogecoin to be adopted by SpaceX and Starlink ? 


Dogecoin, like Tesla merch, might be accepted as a form of payment at other companies owned by Elon Musk. At least, that’s what the meme community wants.

In fact, a Twitter user named Johnna Crider recommended to Musk that SpaceX and Starlink accept cryptocurrency as payment. The billionaire reacted in the most enigmatic way, with an emoji symbolizing a wink.

Some feel Musk’s wink in response is a hidden hint that Doge users may be able to use their crypto wallets to buy things or pay for services from Starlink or SpaceX.

Starlink and SpaceX have already mobilized the Doge community.

Billy Markus was quick to respond to the topic of Musk and influencer Johnna Crider. He stated that he wants to “purchase a model rocket with the dog’s money.” By the way, the latter urges Doge’s community members to mobilize in order for SpaceX and Starlink to accept the king of meme tokens.

Another Dogecoin influencer who participated in the conversation wrote:

It’s a brilliant idea. Starlink could also serve as a node in the Dogecoin network, enabling interoperability between Starlink satellites and the Dogecoin ecosystem.

As a reminder, Musk exerted pressure on McDonald’s in January to allow consumers to pay for their burgers with Doge. Last Sunday, the fast food chain sent out a somewhat surprising tweet. “uhhhhhhhhhhhh something is coming,” McDonald’s tweeted. Elon Musk responded to the company’s tweet with the “sweat drops” emoji.

The news had little impact on the Doge’s current market evaluation. This is understandable given that Musk’s declaration is not final in terms of whether he would accept or reject the token meme on SpaceX or Starlink. especially given the market’s current tough environment, which includes the acceleration of inflation and geopolitical tensions between Russia and the United States. When Tesla opted to accept the Doge for a product category on his site, it would have been tough for him to recreate his previous performance.

According to technical analysis, the Doge is currently trading at $0.1486, which is 79.7 percent of its May ATH. If the cryptocurrency is to begin its journey towards $0.32 in the next few days, it must first break past the barrier at 0.1618. The $0.20 bar is then reversed. However, if the token rises for symptoms of weakness and fails to break above these levels, the crypto will undoubtedly fall below $0.10.

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