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Elon Musk is thinking about creating a new social network with tips in Dogecoin!


Elon Musk started a Twitter poll regarding free speech. This vote led to the concept of building a new social network… It would accept Dogecoin as payment for tips (Tip Jar).

Elon Musk, as we all know, never misses an occasion to brag about his favorite cryptocurrency, Dogecoin (DOGE). Thus, during a Twitter chat, the witty American CEO offered the notion of developing a new social network that would function with Dogecoin!

Elon Musk is dissatisfied with Twitter and wishes to establish his own social network…

It all started with a poll posted on Twitter by Elon Musk. The CEO of SpaceX is extremely popular on Twitter, with over 79 million followers.

He published the following poll last Friday: “Free expression is crucial to the operation of a democracy.” Do you believe Twitter strictly follows this principle? In another tweet, he said unequivocally that this vote will not be taken lightly. As he he said:

The consequences of this vote will be very important. Please vote seriously.

What was the outcome of the vote? 70.4 percent of respondents believed Twitter was failing in its mission to protect “free expression.” It was enough for Elon Musk to challenge his followers to solve this “issue.”

One of the participants then proposed the creation of a new social media site. Elon Musk quickly tweeted that he was really thinking about it…

Who would use Dogecoin as a tip jar currency?

But wait, there’s more! Indeed, immediately after the concept of a new social network was introduced, a user proposed the concept of a Dogecoin Tip Jar. Elon Musk responded by saying he absolutely agreed! That’s all there is to it; the concept of a social network based on Dogecoin has been realized!

As a reminder, the Tip Jar is a Twitter service that allows users to provide tips. On Twitter, these tips may currently be paid in Bitcoin. Elon Musk’s social network would function similarly, only he would use Dogecoin!

Elon’s latest marketing attempt for Dogecoin! Simultaneously, Dogecoin was performing pretty nicely. Dogecoin, like many other cryptocurrencies, has grown in popularity in recent days. Thus, the DOGE price has risen by more than 15% in the previous seven days. Dogecoin is now the world’s 12th most valuable cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

As a sign of its strong form, the Dogecoin has moved ahead of its main opponent, the crypto Shiba Inu (SHIB). Indeed, at the time of writing, the SHIB coin is the 15th most valuable cryptocurrency in the world. Spread the word, Elon is a big fan of Dogecoin!

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