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Ethereum dev confirms date of Goerli merge, latest update before merge


Node operators must simultaneously update both their consensus layer and execution layer clients as a result of the Goerli merger, as opposed to just one of the two.

Just one testnet merger separates the Ethereum mainnet from becoming a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain. With the announcement of the last testnet merging to the Beacon chain, the years-long odyssey has reached its conclusion after numerous shadow forks and testnet mergers.

With the launch of the Beacon chain in December 2020, Phase 0 of the three-phase process began, ushering in the shift to PoS. Phase 1, which is now underway, was supposed to be finished by 2021. But because of various setbacks and unfinished business on the part of the developers, it is anticipated to be concluded by the third week of September. By the end of 2023, the transition’s last stage should be finished.

Tim Beiko, the lead Ethereum developer, shared information about the Goerli testnet switch on Twitter. The Goerli testnet will unite with the Prater beacon chain, and the resulting Goerli/Prater network will continue to use the name Goerli after the merger.

Beginning with the Bellatrix upgrade on the consensus layer on August 4, the testnet merging will be finished in two stages. Epoch height 112260 will result in the Bellatrix upgrade.

Instead than using blocks to track progress, the Ethereum PoS network uses epochs, each of which can include up to 32 blocks.

Paris will be the name of the second stage of the upgrade, where proof-of-stake will replace proof-of-work as the execution layer. The completion of this phase is anticipated between August 6 and 12. A particular Terminal Total Difficulty (TTD) of 10790000 will start the Paris upgrade. The next block will only be created by a PoS validator after the execution layer passes the TTD threshold.

The impending Goerli merging will differ from the initial testnet integration in that node operators must update both their consensus layer and execution layer clients simultaneously, as opposed to only one of the two, according to the official statement. Numerous client releases that support the testnet Merge were also attached by the development team.

The approaching final testnet merge will only have an effect on the node operators and testers; holders and stakers of Ether (ETH) won’t need to make any modifications. The testnet merge will serve as the last practice before the Ethereum mainnet and Beacon chain formally join on September 19. Nevertheless, according on the results of the Goerli test net, the permanent Merge date can vary.

The biggest improvement to the blockchain network since its inception is expected to be the PoS transition of the Ethereum network. Through the use of sharding, the improvement will increase scalability while lowering high transaction costs. However, the majority of the scalability features are anticipated to be integrated following the end of the transition’s final phase, which is anticipated by the second half of 2023.



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