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Ethereum falls 12% as a result of investor anxiety.


On the Investing.com Index, the price of Ethereum was $1,402.32 as of 19:07 (18:07 GMT) on Tuesday, down 11.52% for the day. The price has dropped by the most since August 19.

Ethereum’s market capitalization decreased due to this negative trend to $179.41B, or 18.40% of the overall cryptocurrency market value. The market value of Ethereum reached $569.58B at its peak.

Over the last day, the price of Ethereum fluctuated between $1,402.32 and $1,576.10.

The price of Ethereum has decreased by -6.93% during the past week. $29.07 billion worth of ethereum was moved in the last day, or 19.15% of all cryptocurrency trades. Over the last week, it has fluctuated in a range that goes from $1,402.3214 to $1,666.1705 (inclusive).

Ethereum’s price is now 71.17% behind its all-time high, set on November 10, 2021 at $4,864.06.

In favor of alternative cryptocurrencies

On the Investing.com Index, the price of bitcoin is $19,005.3, down 8.21% from yesterday.

Tether’s capitalization rose to $69.53B, or 7.13% of the whole cryptocurrency market value, while Bitcoin’s total capitalization hit $375.19B, or 38.49% of the total.

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