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EU aims for ‘integrated supervision’ of DeFi on Ethereum.


The specifics of an EU Commission competition to provide “integrated supervision” of decentralized finance (DeFi) on the Ethereum network were tweeted by Circle Policy Advisor Patrick Hansen. The projected cost of the request for proposals is €250,000, and the research should span 15 months.

“The goal is to investigate technological capabilities for automated monitoring of DeFi activity in real time.”

In order to develop and test technology solutions for the “integrated supervision” of DeFi activities, the EU has invited industry participants to start a pilot project. Targeting “the open character” of blockchain data would be the goal. The automatic real-time data gathering of DeFi activities for “oversight surveillance” would be advanced by this program.

Its main goal is to test the technology for real-time DeFi activity monitoring by automating the acquisition of supervisory data straight from the blockchain.

Because it would increase the effectiveness of compliance monitoring and lessen the need for other participants to gather, verify, and give data to authorities, Hansen stated that the technology from this study might have “quite a huge impact.”

DeFi operates independently from the rest of the bitcoin market because software protocols without a central point of contact are incompatible with antitrust and know-your-customer (KYC) regulations, comparable to centralized banking systems in their efforts to combat money laundering (AML).

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