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For CBDC, the International Payments System of Japan will test plastic cards.


Japan Credit Bureau will work with IDEMIA and Softspace to develop its CBDC infrastructure.

The central bank digital currency (CBDC) infrastructure testing has begun, according to Japan Credit Bureau (JCB), a Japanese equivalent of global payment systems like Visa or Mastercard. The project, which the Bank of Japan is now testing, will presumably prepare the payments platform for a nationwide CBDC (BoJ).

The infrastructure project, dubbed JCBDC and publicized by the business in local media, aims to modify the JCB’s current credit card infrastructure for CBDC payments. JCB will develop the platform with Malaysian Softspace and French facial recognition technology firm IDEMIA.

The platform will include three main components: a touch payment solution, the creation and distribution of plastic cards for CBDC, and a simulation of the actual operating environment of CBDC. In the later rounds of testing, JCB also intends to modify QR codes and mobile payment tools.

By the end of 2022, JCB intends to create a payment solution, and by the end of March 2023, it intends to begin testing it in real stores.

In October 2020, the BOJ released a three-phase trial plan for its CBDC. This year should see the start of the trial’s second phase, which will examine the technical aspects of the issuing of the digital yen. the BoJ governor claimed,

By 2026, the digital yen might be available, and the central bank won’t be the only one making the decision.

The start of the project and the potential scope of its implementation remain uncertain. The former head of the BOJ’s financial settlement division issued a warning in January against incorporating the digital yen into the nation’s monetary policy.

JCB is not a novice to technological advancements; in 2020, it began a trial project with Fujitsu Laboratories for a blockchain-based digital identification interoperability system.

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