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FTX Gaming Hires Steve Sadin vice president of WB Games as Head of Gaming Partnerships


Steve Sadin, vice president of Warner Bros. (WB) Games, joins forces with FTX to help video game companies transition to Web 3.0. Let’s discover the profile of this new recruit and the missions that will be entrusted to him.

The FTX trading platform is experiencing crazy growth, and it confirms this dynamic by offering the services of Steve Sadin, the number 2 of WB Games Boston, the video game division of the Warner Bros group, specializing in free-to-play on mobile. For example, he worked on Game of Thrones: Conquest.

Steve Sadin also completed a one-year stint at SEGA, where he participated in the development of Sonic the Hedgehog and claims to be a fan of video games himself. He says he wants to support quality games during his new professional experience, and he wants the user to be at the center of attention:

“We are not here to support pump-and-dump projects. […] There has to be great design, a passion for creating […], and a demonstrated commitment to doing what it takes to make a game successful in the long run, or we’re just not going to be interested. »

We understand, by this, that the company wishes to stay away from projects surfing on the non-fungible token (NFT) and metaverse trend, for the sole purpose of making a profit, without bringing real added value to the ecosystem.

What will Steve Sadin’s mission be at FTX GM?

Steve Sadin will not aim to create games strictly speaking with FTX Gaming, but rather to unearth the projects of value, in order to offer them the structure and the framework necessary for their success.

It is therefore an accompanying role that awaits him, and which has similarities to that of Ryan Watt at Polygon Studio, who was formerly at the head of Youtube Gaming. Indeed, FTX Gaming, created last month, rather aims to guide classic video game companies in their Web 3.0 transition by providing them with the right tools.

Beyond the NFT bubble aspect, in which we are at the moment, we see more and more this future taking shape, in which our in-game purchases and rewards, for a particular franchise, can be reused from one opus to another. And it is this type of initiative that lays the foundations of this new universe.

In terms of user experience, this adds enormous value to the satisfaction of finding a coveted item. It’s a disruptive and exciting revolution that should profoundly change the video game industry.

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