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Incident involving LUNA Trading on Crypto.com


Some Crypto.com cryptocurrency exchange platform users were unpleasantly surprised to hear that they were faced with inaccurate LUNA pricing yesterday afternoon. This has exacerbated some people’s losses, and some have accused the platform of stealing their money. In exchange, Crypto.com paid them $10 in CRO tokens.

The exchanges are not immune to the calamity that is currently affecting the UST and LUNA of the Terra ecosystem for a few days.

Indeed, yesterday afternoon, between 12:40 and 1:39 p.m., Crypto.com visitors encountered inaccurate LUNA token prices. As a result, in the vast majority of cases, it caused them to lose even more money, compounding the LUNA’s losses.

The exchange system, however, recognized the error, and trade of the token was halted until further notice.
We will mention that Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao announced today that the UST/BUSD and LUNA/BUSD trading pairings have been disabled to protect customers.

All users affected by the Crypto.com price differential during this time period have been alerted via email of the error and will get $10 in CRO tokens as compensation.

A compensation aimed at calming the users concerned a little, the latter having not failed to post their dissatisfaction on Twitter:




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