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NFTs to Hold During a Recession.


This list does not imply that these NFTs will be long-term winners. Market downturns occur on a regular basis, and no NFT project has been completely immune to bearishness. These are the players that have the highest chance of surviving tough conditions and outlasting their rivals.


Bored Ape Yacht Club collection 

How can we discuss NFT projects without mentioning the Bored Ape Yacht Club? This is just not conceivable, as this project played a critical part in the growth and popularity of NFTs in 2021.

This collection of 10,000 NFTs, created by Yuga Labs and formally launched in May 2021, has, as the name says, bored-looking monkeys and is likely the most popular collection, both in and beyond of the NFT world.

Even individuals who aren’t interested in NFTs recognize these monkeys, owing to their use in profile images by a slew of worldwide celebrities, from Wiz Khalifa to Future, via Paris Hilton.

Today, holding a BAYC is a true indication of social standing, as the collection’s floor price is presently 120 ETH, or approximately $350,000 at the current price of ETH.

In the strictest sense, having a BAYC means being a member of an extremely exclusive club. Aside from the prestige associated with this collection of NFTs, they also serve a practical purpose in that they provide entry to the “Yacht Club.”

It’s occurring on Discord, and because many BAYC holders are well-known businesspeople, celebrities, or just experienced individuals, having access to this group is a huge benefit.

Finally, it should be emphasized that Yuga Labs is still working on a number of incredibly intriguing technologies that are closely related to BAYC. This is especially true with regard to the Apecoin cryptocurrency and the Otherside metaverse.

For all of these reasons, purchasing an NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club can only be a good option today, despite its incredibly expensive price, which, as we all know, is far from affordable to everyone.

CryptoPunks: The NFT World’s Forefathers

CryptoPunks, like Bored Ape Yacht Club, is a project that should be included when discussing NFTs since it has made significant contributions to their development.

Yuga Labs, the business behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club, just acquired the intellectual property rights to this collection. This is fantastic news because Yuga Labs is one of the most strong firms in the NFT market.

Apart from that, and even before this acquisition, CryptoPunks was an iconic NFT collection, especially because it was one of the very first NFT initiatives in history. Remember, it was born in 2017.

CryptoPunks, like Bitcoin, is the “ancestor” of cryptocurrencies in the sense that without it, cryptocurrencies would most likely not exist in the form they do today.

And, while their floor price is no longer as high as it once was, CryptoPunks is unquestionably a must-have project that will always be highly intriguing to invest in if you can afford it.

Doodles – A one-of-a-kind art form, a serious organization, and a plethora of events

Doodles, with its distinct aesthetic and colors, made a significant impression on the NFT world upon its release in late 2021, to the point that many new projects are now drawing inspiration from it.

Doodles is a collection created by Poopie, Tulip, and Burnt Toast. It’s a group of three people who were already well-known in the NFT area, since two of them had contributed to the creation of CryptoKitties, another digital project that was a huge success.

Many Doodles-related events have already taken place, the most notable of which is arguably Doodles SXSW, an exhibition aimed at recreating the world of Doodles in conjunction with Shopify. All of this is intended to democratize the brand in the eyes of the general population. This is precisely what may happen with these types of activities.

Finally, Doodles is a project that is always evolving. With Space Doodles, which was introduced a few months ago, any owner of an original NFT Doodles can “change” their item to add a special ship and an animation, as well as return to the original form whenever they choose. appears.

In conclusion, Doodles is a project that entertains, connects people together (many celebrities have already invested in it, including Justin Bieber and web3 leaders Alexis Ohanian and Pranksy), and, most all, innovates, bringing significant advances to NFTs. Investing in Doodles is an excellent option for all of these reasons!

Axies – Heavyweight play-to-earn NFTs

In the universe of NFT, Axie Infinity is a true behemoth. These are the undertakings that set the path for many more to come to fruition. Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese company, created Axie Infinity, a play-to-earn game.

The idea is simple: nurture Axies, charming round animals, such that they may give birth to young creatures, the traits of which will be dictated by the parents’ DNA.

Axies are also designed for battle and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. During a combat, a player must form a team of three Axies that are complimentary to one another.

As you may have guessed, this is a game whose universe and gameplay are similar to the well-known Nintendo pocket monsters.

The main distinction between Axies and other games of this genre is that they are NFTs, which means you own them and may resale them on the game’s marketplace for exorbitant prices.

In 2021, an Axie, for example, sold for more than $1 million, but transactions in the tens of thousands of dollars remain uncommon.

Furthermore, many people may make a living only from this game by earning significant quantities of money based on their pets.

In short, purchasing an Axie is like stepping into the blockchain and web3 via a massive game whose development was enormous in 2021 and continues to progress favorably.

Autograph.io – The ultimate sports fan platform 

If you are a sports enthusiast, Autograph.io is the place for you! This marketplace, which is based on Polygon and was co-founded by NFL legend Tom Brady, promises to provide various sports personalities and influencers with the ability to produce their own collection or limited edition goods.

The notion is intriguing, and the site is already being utilized by celebrities. Tiger Woods’ photograph has just appeared in a collection on the platform. Tony Hawk and Usain Bolt have previously joined forces with the platform.

It goes without saying that Autograph.io is backed by influential people.

Autograph.io is a promising platform that has been funded to the tune of 160 million dollars, a portion of which has been contributed by prestigious names such as The Weeknd and Eddy Cue, ex-vice president of Apple. It is possible to find thousands of NFTs at prices that vary greatly, making the platform accessible to everyone.

Additionally, DraftKings, another marketplace with a similar premise, just teamed with Autograph.io, expanding the latter’s reach.

In conclusion, purchasing NFTs on Autograph.io is a wise decision because they are frequently valued and are anticipated to rise in value significantly over time.

With over 100,000 purchases on the platform, Autograph.io has established itself as a reliable source for purchasing sports-related NFTs signed by famous sportsmen.

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