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Nomad Bridge provides a 10% reward for the recovery of stolen cash, with a total of $22 million recovered.


Nomad Bridge has given a 10% prize for those who return at least 90% of the platform’s total stolen assets. So far, hackers have repaid $22 million in retaliation.

Indeed, on August 1, Nomad Bridge was emptied of $190.7 million when a hacker stole 100 wBTC worth $2.3 million. Hundreds of addresses received their piece of the breach and duplicated the attack.

According to the business, hackers who return up to 90% of the assets to the official recovery address would not face legal consequences. Furthermore, Nomad praised specific addresses for their contributions to the repatriation of 16.6 million dollars.

The business was able to retrieve $22 million, or 11.6 percent of the stolen cash, in total. Since the hack, half of the money has remained unchanged. The recovered assets include $6 million USDC, $2.88 million DAI, $2.81 million QCT, $2.1 million wBTC, and $2 million USDT in stablecoins.

Nomad stated that it was aggressively collaborating with law authorities and professional firms to guarantee that monies were restored.

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