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Nvidia Prevents Ethereum Miners From Going Full Throttle, And Nicehash Reacts.


NVIDIA will not be pleased—NVIDIA is the industry leader in graphics cards, with over 80% market share. However, it is dissatisfied with the widespread use of its graphics cards by Ethereum miners, especially NiceHash. As a result, the corporation needed to find a solution to supply shortages.

NVIDIA Is At War With Ethereum Miners.

The Ethereum network’s consensus and security are built on a method known as “Proof of Work.” Miners safeguard transactions in this mode of operation by executing sophisticated computations. To accomplish this, they use a lot of computer power supplied by graphics cards.

The majority of the GPUs utilized are obviously NVIDIA.

Supply issues, along with rising demand, resulted in serious shortages of graphics cards at the start of 2021.

Minors were quickly identified as the source of the shortfall by players. To deal with this issue, NVIDIA has made an unexpected move. To prevent bitcoin mining, the company has put a limit on its graphics cards.

As a result, the voluntary drop in hashrate of these cards should “enable more GeForce cards at lower prices to be placed in the hands of gamers all across the world.”

Many miners were devastated, but they spotted the Holy Grail in the latest generation of GeForce RTX 30 cards.

Nicehash Success Over NVIDIA Restrictions

NVIDIA’s viewpoint appears to have remained unchanged a year after the events. However, there is some good news for NVIDIA graphics card owners.

Indeed, on May 7, the business NiceHash, which facilitates cryptocurrency mining, revealed that it had successfully circumvented NVIDIA’s prohibition. As a result of the completion of the limited hashrate, the RTX 30 GPUs will now be able to function at full power at NiceHash.

For the time being, this jailbreak is only available through the NiceHash Quickminer program, namely the QuickMiner v0.5.4.0 RC test version (release candidate).

A ray of optimism that may push other pools and mining software to continue their research in order to fully use NVIDIA hardware.

Ethereum miners, for their part, are well aware that their days are numbered. Indeed, the network is getting ready to transition from proof of work to proof of stake. Fortunately for them, this change, dubbed “The Merge,” is continually delayed.

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