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Pierre Poilievre, Justin Trudeau opponent, wants Canada to adopt Bitcoin (BTC)


Pierre Poilievre, a candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada (CCP) leadership, wants to encourage Bitcoin (BTC) acceptance in Canada. The MP also sharply condemned the Bank of Canada’s sinister role, claiming that Bitcoin was a complementary answer to the old financial system.

Pierre Poilievre aims to make Bitcoin more accessible to the general public.

Pierre Poilievre, a former Canadian government minister and current Member of Parliament for the Ontario district of Carleton, wants Canada to become the “world’s blockchain capital.”

Pierre Poilievre, now a candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada (PCC), the opposition party to Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party of Canada (LPC), argued in a twenty-minute speech for the protection of cryptocurrencies:

“I want to take control of money away from politicians and bankers and give it back to the people. […] We must give people the freedom to choose another currency. If the government wants to misuse our cash, then we should have the right to switch to another better quality currency. »

To strengthen his position on cryptocurrencies, the candidate paid for a sandwich using Bitcoin (BTC) during a political convention, proclaiming at the same time, “let’s put people back in charge of their money and their life.”

A still-uncertain path

As a result, it appears that the candidate of the right-wing party desires to gamble on the popular trend of cryptocurrencies in Canada, however we do not yet know how he intends to encourage the growth of Bitcoin as well as its acceptance among the general public.

According to one of his recent utterances, Bitcoin might be given as a complementary currency to the established banking system:

“I’m not going to force anyone to use a certain type of cryptocurrency, and as Prime Minister I’ll just give you the option to choose. If you think Bitcoin is the best tool for transacting, then you can. »

Because bitcoin is quickly becoming a political topic in its own right throughout the world, the conservative candidate may be able to get support outside of his own party. David Coletto, CEO of Abacus Data, a Canadian market research firm, supports the following idea:

“He makes an explicit appeal to groups that conservatives don’t usually target. He departs from the norm while saying that the system as we know it has disadvantaged such and such an individual. »

The conflict between cryptocurrency and the financial system

The Conservatives have long been part of an anti-Bank of Canada agenda, claiming that the latter was complicit in the government’s wasteful spending at the cost of the most vulnerable Canadians.

He further alleged that the bank was creating money to fund the government, causing an increase in general prices, including food and housing.

The viewpoint of Pierre Poilievre is closely paralleled with recent events related to the movement of the Canadian freedom convoy, which generated several million dollars thanks to countless public donations.

The popular movement was subsequently met with different coercive tactics from Justin Trudeau’s administration, which notably froze a kitty of more than $ 10 million in support of the movement’s participants.

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