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RTFKT has a new domain name.


RTFKT, which was acquired by Nike in December, has just paid $35,000 for the Ethereum domain name “DotSwoosh,” giving it a total of ten Ethereum Name Service domains (ENS). In this regard, the comma brand aspires to strengthen its position in the metaverse’s ecosystem of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

RTFKT, the Web3 arm of Nike, has just purchased “dotswoosh.eth,” a new Ethereum domain – or Ethereum Name Service (ENS) – for the equivalent of 19.72 ETH, or $35,000 at the time of writing. the moment of acquisition

RTFKT presently holds roughly ten domain names within the ENS network. Artifacts.eth, rtfkt.eth, mintvial.eth, and even dripcoin.eth are some examples. In addition, the brand has yet to explain why it made this new purchase.

However, because ENS subdomains are controlled by the primary domain name holder, the intention would be to use the domain to issue them.

Nike, for example, may plan to provide non-fungible token (NFT) holders the opportunity of creating an ENS subdomain (eg, brian.dotswoosh.eth).

Regardless, this strategy displays a drive to master a variety of brands in this environment.

Nike establishes a metaverse presence using NFTs.

The American company is looking to strengthen its position in the area of metaverse and non-financial technologies (NFTs). This is why it files a series of patents and logos in this world to imitate its model.

In this regard, the comma brand purchased the NFT RTFKT studio in December of last year. Since the company specializes in the manufacture of virtual footwear in the form of NFTs, strategic action is required.

In keeping with the theme, Nike launched Nikeland, a virtual place dedicated to the brand, and registered the Nike swoosh and Jumpman insignia in the metaverse.

As a result, there is little doubt that the corporation wishes to get more active in this ecosystem, particularly in order to attract new customers.

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