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Terra: Do Kwon’s breaking of the silence elicits reactions from the public.


Do Kwon is allegedly “partying” while Tornado Cash developers are running for their lives, according to podcaster Eric Conner.

The community reacted negatively to the Terra CEO as co-founder and CEO Do Kwon broke his silence regarding the failure of the algorithmic stablecoin TerraUSD Classic (USTC) and LUNA 2.

The Terra CEO continues to be unpopular with the community despite Kwon’s attempts to defend himself in an interview. Podcaster Eric Conner compared Do Kwon’s predicament to that of the Tornado Cash developer who has been detained in a tweet. Conner claims that while Tornado Cash developers wrote some code for privacy and are now “fearing for their lives,” Kwon defrauded billions of dollars and is still “partying.”

Additionally, crypto analyst FatManTerra commented on Kwon’s interview. The interview was dubbed a “nothing burger” by the researcher. According to a tweet from FatManTerra, the CEO of Terra lied on a number of occasions during the interview and attempted to describe fraud in a way that avoided being implicated but failed to do so.

Also commenting was Cory Klippsten, a proponent of Bitcoin (BTC). Klippsten urged those who suffered financial losses as a result of the Terra collapse to file a lawsuit against Do Kwon. On the other hand, analyst Hailey Lennon feels that the public should not pay attention to the Do Kwon interview. Because she felt the link didn’t merit clicks, she decided not to share it.

While the most recent Do Kwon interview has received a lot of criticism. Some continue to promote LUNA 2 and claim Kwon is innocent. A Twitter user claimed that the Terra CEO did not change the name of his daughter and is instead constructing a “better LUNA.”

Cory Klippsten, a proponent of Bitcoin, added his thoughts as well (BTC). Klippsten pleaded with those who experienced monetary losses as a result of the Terra collapse to sue Do Kwon. Analyst Hailey Lennon believes that the public should not pay attention to the Do Kwon interview, on the other hand. She made the choice not to share the link because she didn’t think it was worth clicking.

Nevertheless, the most recent Do Kwon interview has drawn a lot of flak. Some people keep pushing LUNA 2 and insisting Kwon is blameless. According to a Twitter user, the Terra CEO is building a “better LUNA” rather than changing the name of his daughter.

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