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The virtual reality The Sandbox has announced a partnership with Arianeee.


The virtual reality The Sandbox, which has attracted brands such as Gucci and Adidas, has announced a partnership with Arianeee, a blockchain solutions provider for brands.

The goal is for a client to obtain a virtual equivalent of a product purchased in the real world from the brand in the form of NFT. Paris Fashion Week, the Richemont company, and businesses including Mugler, Breitling, Ba&sh, Iwc, and IBM are among the forty members of Arianee. A blockchain is at the heart of its offering, allowing marketers to produce and track an identity card in the form of an NFT for each product. A token that can be used as a certificate of authenticity and will be transferred by its owner when the associated goods are transferred.

The Sandbox is the first metaverse player to join the consortium as a result of this merger. With the goal of a person purchasing an NFT (such as an item of clothing or an accessory) in the real world being able to use it in the virtual world as well. The goal is to push the logic of the omnichannel shopping experience into virtual realms in the background. In The Sandbox, there is also the possibility of event organization by brands of events reserved for their clients. Adidas Originals, Gucci (“Vault”), Carrefour, Leader Price (Casino Group), Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, and Atari have already expressed interest in this “multiverse.”

Sebastien Borget, general manager of The Sandbox, notes, “The avatar is the initial piece that allows most people to access and interact with the metaverse.” “Owning your identity, expressing your style through metaverse imports: donning your favorite brand, and developing your virtual avatar are all strengths that will make our experience unique.” This union will allow visitors to “move smoothly between the physical, digital, and virtual worlds,” according to Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO of Arianee. “We will soon see the rise of new user experiences,” the manager predicts.

This reunion occurs against the backdrop of numerous metaverses’ simultaneous growth in strength, or virtual realms that Internet users can explore via their avatars, a screen, or a virtual helmet. Virtual worlds with a limited space where anyone associated with the brand can purchase land on which to develop or play a game of their own design. A circumstance that has sparked a real estate rush on metaverses such as Roblox.

Cryptovoxels, The Sandbox, or Decentraland, which recently hosted its first Metaverse Fashion Week. Above all, the event posed the topic of these universes’ accessibility to a wider audience, as well as the prospective clientele on which virtual fashion must rely.

Arianee did not wait for the establishment of a metaverse leader when faced with competing protocols such as GoodsID or Aura (LVMH group). For the time being, these do work in silos: NFTs of virtual apparel that dresses an avatar in one metaverse will not work in another because the graphic quality will be different. Brands are being pushed to invest cautiously in “web3” due to a technical interoperability issue. The French consortium may speed up the practice and offer The Sandbox an advantage by making the game of correspondence between actual and virtual products easier.

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