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The Trial Worth $47 Billion in Bitcoin That Never Ends


The legal battle between Kleiman’s family and Craig Wright is never over! Since 2018, David Kleiman’s family has been attempting to recoup a portion of the reward granted to the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin. In March, a verdict was reached at a final judgment. Ira Kleiman, David Kleiman’s brother, returns to the charge.



The matter, in fact, did not end there, as Kleiman’s brother later demanded a new trial. The latter believes that Wright’s attorneys swayed the jury. Indeed, Wright’s counsel told jurors repeatedly that the brothers were estranged. They also said that when Ira’s brother David died in 2013, he hadn’t seen him in over three years.

According to the individual in question, the attorneys’ actions made him appear to be an unworthy sibling, and so he would have leaned against him.

However, in February, Judge Beth Bloom refused Kleiman’s plea, citing the fact that he had not contested such assertions at trial. Especially when the court did not deem these comments to be sufficiently detrimental to warrant a fresh trial.

Kleiman’s brother decided to file an appeal after Judge Bloom’s judgment. However, Craig Wright did not appear concerned, as he stated:

“I won the first time and I expect to win again,” Wright said in a statement Friday. His lawyer Andrés Rivero de Rivero Mestre declared that the trial was “eminently fair”.

We do not appear to be nearing the end of this experiment, which began in 2018. Because Craig Wright, who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, is involved in other cases. Particularly for fabricating evidence.

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