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Turkey, home of Dogecoin?


Whether by coincidence or not, Turkey frequently tops the list of nations with ongoing interest in cryptocurrency. We discovered in March of last year that Turkish women were more interested in cryptocurrencies than Turkish males were. A recent survey ranks Erdoan’s nation among the top two nations that conduct the most research on these same cryptos. Even more unexpectedly, Turkey ranks first in studies on Dogecoin. Visit the Sea of Marmara’s shoreline to evaluate this recent CryptoManiaks investigation.

Turkey is leading a study on public interest in cryptocurrency.

An educational website for beginners and newbies is called CryptoManiaks. She frequently posts her own infographics on cryptocurrencies. It periodically also provides analyses on the spread of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies worldwide. These days, a study of the cryptocurrencies that people across the world seek for online is conducted.

The research, which was covered by the media, calculated the proportion of searches per resident each month by dividing the total number of monthly searches by the total number of residents. The cryptocurrencies taken into consideration include Dogecoin, BNB, Ethereum, and Bitcoin, which we shall cover in more detail later. And using this criteria, Turkey behind the Netherlands (8.2%) by 5.5%.


Germany, Canada, and the Czech Republic are the front-runners after these two nations. The United Kingdom and the United States, who are often at the top of the crypto ranking, are thus demoted to positions 12 and 15, respectively, with 2.6% and 1.9%, using the old calculation methodologies.

But when we consider studies on Dogecoin, Turkey’s first-place finish in this study surprised us the most. With 812,000 monthly searches, it ranks higher than any other cryptocurrency in the globe and is nearly twice as popular as Ethereum, which is rated third in the nation behind Bitcoin and Dogecoin. According to a representative for CryptoManiaks, Elon Musk’s preferred cryptocurrency has been increasingly popular in recent months:

“Dogecoin’s popularity has overtaken Ethereum’s in a significant number of countries with almost 2 million additional monthly searches worldwide for this crypto. »

Unfortunately, this poll won’t reveal the causes of this cryptocurrency’s unique level of enthusiasm or, at the very least, interest. His inclusion in the Top 10 is an abnormality in and of itself. He was originally intended as a joke but has since been embraced by the eccentric millionaire. However, the Dogecoin is holding up despite all odds. Elon Musk’s appointment as Twitter’s CEO may even rekindle interest in the world’s most valuable doghead coin.

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