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UFC Fighters to Receive Bitcoin Bonuses from Crypto.com


Mixed martial artist (MMA) athletes will get Bitcoin bonuses as part of a cooperation between Crypto.com and the Union Fighting Championship (UFC) (BTC). Fans will play an active role in this novelty through their votes.


Bitcoin is available as a fight bonus from the UFC and Crypto.com.

Crypto.com has struck again in the realm of sports. It announces the implementation of fight bonuses in Bitcoin, for a total of 60,000 dollars for every event, as part of its cooperation with the UFC. These will be decided entirely by the fans.

They are, after all, the ones who will decide who the top MMA fighters of each event are. The prizes will then decrease in value, with 30,000 dollars for first place, 20,000 dollars for the second, and eventually 10,000 dollars for third.

Crypto.com will provide Bitcoin rates based on the current exchange rate versus the dollar at the time of each UFC event. The voting system will be unveiled this weekend in Jacksonville, Florida, at the franchise’s next event.

The UFC’s president, Dana White, had this to say regarding the trading platform:

“Crypto.com has been an official partner of the UFC for less than a year, and I tell you they are already one of the best partners we have ever had. They are constantly coming up with new ideas on how we can work together to connect with fans. »

It’s a battle of marketing between cryptocurrency exchanges.

If these Bitcoin rewards seem unusual, Crypto.com has previously worked with the UFC since July of last year. We can claim, at the very least, that the exchange invests in its advertising, with a growing media presence.

We may also notice his recent signing for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which he has already established in the Formula One environment. It is also an exclusive arrangement, allowing it to sponsor the event as the sole bitcoin trading platform.

Not to mention the $700 million transactions for the Crypto.com Arena, formerly known as the Staples Center, in Los Angeles.

As a result, we realize that crypto exchanges are fighting a marketing battle to attract as many users as possible to use their services, as indicated by the weekly announcements about Binance, FTX, and Coinbase. Despite all, we must admit that the decentralized approach supported by our ecosystem has some limitations.


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