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Us Treasury Sanctions Iran-based Cybercriminals.


New Bitcoin Addresses are Blacklisted by OFAC

In the USA, Bitcoin addresses are not welcome. In accordance with a statement dated September 14, the crypto addresses reportedly connected to an Iranian ransomware gang are invited to join the blacklist maintained by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the United States Treasury Department.

This action also targets two groups that would be a part of it and who are allegedly linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The group is said to have carried out cyberattacks, including those that broke into the systems of a US children’s hospital.

“The military, diplomatic, and government personnel of the United States and the Middle East” would also have been in her crosshairs.

Is Ransomware Used BTC Addresses?

Seven BTC addresses that might be connected to the two Iranians, Ahmad Khatibi Aghada and Amir Hossein Nikaeed Ravar, are being attacked by OFAC. These individuals have been penalized because to their connections to Afkar System, one of the two organizations the Bureau has indicted, a provider of technology and computer services.

Ahmad Khatibi Aghada serves on the board of directors and is the CEO of Afkar System. His association with the business goes back at least to that year. From 2015 until 2019, Amir Hossein Nikaeed Ravar worked for the organization. Both have allegedly led to “the compromising of the victims’ networks.”

All American organizations and people who interact with these Iranian companies and citizens—who the Iranian institution has specifically designated—going forward are subject to legal action. Therefore, any transactions using these BTC addresses are prohibited.

Away from an increase in the united states’ on-chain surveillance?

OFAC has even invested in a gadget that would enable it to carry out its goal of tracking on-chain cryptocurrency transactions. It issued a request for proposals for a “blockchain tracking tool” last year.

Furthermore, the Bureau has previously attacked an Iranian individual who was allegedly involved in operations that were detrimental to American interests. In 2018, the organization placed Iranian Mohammad Ghorbaniyan on a blacklist after he provided his version of events.

OFAC has angered the cryptocurrency community by targeting the Tornado Cash mixer, despite the fact that the agency’s actions against cybercriminals are fully justified.

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