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VanEck has announced the launch of its NFT community.


VanEck, an American financial management firm, is entering the metaverse with a collection of 1000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Cardholders will gain access to exclusive perks as a result of this.

VanEck, widely regarded as a pioneer in digital investment, continues to pave the path for the world of tomorrow. VanEck Community NFT, the first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) produced by an asset management organization, has just been launched by the American investment fund.

This will consist of 1,000 unique NFTs, distributed to 1,000 random people wishing to have early access to investment opportunities and participate in both real and virtual events. Owning an NFT will also provide “exclusive access to an inclusive community that is both free and of real use”.

Although NFTs are frequently compared to works of digital art, they also serve to tokenize our surroundings. This can include features from video games or even real estate like RealT does. VanEck Community NFT is specifically described as a digital membership card by VanEck.

The initial edition of the NFTs will be distributed to a small group of participants later this week. It will be centered on a fictional figure named Hammy, who is modeled on Alexander Hamilton, the famed founding father of the United States. This one will be in full-time travel, moving between the past and the future to better grasp the financial world.

The NFTs will evolve into the final version, a high-quality 3D avatar, by the end of May. They will all have different and more or less rare characteristics, allowing them to be categorized as follows: 750 commons, 230 rare, and 20 legendary. Depending on these three levels of rarity, each NFT owner will be able to reap a variety of distinct benefits.

“The VanEck Community NFT allows VanEck to foster engagement and community among those who are passionate about finance and crypto.”

This endeavor comes just a few months after Jan van Eck, the CEO of the eponymous company, expressed his enthusiasm for the industry at the Bitcoin Miami 2022 conference. He specifically expressed his interest in the NFT phenomenon and stated that blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize Wall Street.

Furthermore, VanEck is not making his first foray into the Bitcoin industry. The Securities and Exchange Commission denied the American company’s request to create a spot Bitcoin ETF last year (SEC).



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