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What part did SEC Chairman Gensler play in the FTX collapse’s corruption allegations ?


The future insolvency of FTX and CEO Sam Bankman-whole Fried’s corporate network now calls into question how management feels about SEC Chairman Gensler.

The level of mistrust in this situation is so high that CryptoLaw sent a petition directly to Congress. It’s possible that Gary Gensler is more deeply involved in “one of the biggest scams in American history” than he would like.

Gensler and Sam Bankman-Fried allegedly had a personal encounter just before FTX’s demise, according to CryptoLaw’s founder John E. Deaton.

The CEO of Alameda Research, Caroline Ellison, may even be acquainted with the SEC Chairman. His father oversaw the economics department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, according to @JagoeCapital (MIT). Gensler was working there as a teacher at the time.

Gary Gensler appears to be well-known to Mark Wetjen, director of FTX’s US Political Department. Wetjen reportedly worked for Gary Gensler at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), according to FOX Business reporter Eleanor Terret. Wetjen would have helped Sam Bankman-Fried by opening several doors in Washington as part of his responsibilities.

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