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Wikipedia Says No to Crypto Donations.


Concerned about its reputation, the Wikimedia organization, which runs the open source encyclopedia Wikipedia, has decided to stop accepting bitcoin payments. A stylish capitulation based on a falsified vote in his community. The donations in bitcoin, bitcoin cash, or ether have always been insignificant, therefore the metric is more symbolic than anything else.


Wikipedia no longer accepts cryptocurrency contributions.

In the midst of the wider attack against cryptocurrencies, the Wikimedia community has been agitated for the past three months over a disagreement about such donations. A vote was held to settle the issue, and 71% of the members voted in favor of the abortion.

The main point is the environmental sustainability concerns associated with cryptos that use proof of work. It should be highlighted that the foundation relies heavily on the Digiconomist website, which has been repeatedly chastised for its fantastical calculations and complete lack of rigor, to support its wish to ban bitcoin, which it had received since 2014.

An answer with a sense of alarmism.

Cryptocurrencies are extremely risky investments that are only gaining popularity among retail investors lately. So I don’t think we should endorse their use in this way. By accepting them, I believe we are generalizing the use of “investments” and technology that are inherently predatory.

The sequel is equally enlightening, peddling issues that are highly popular with authorities looking for control: a way to avoid punishment and overexposure to frauds.

In reality, confronted with these irresistible arguments that could not be substantiated or put into context, and despite the fact that just 400 individuals engaged in the conversation, including some accounts established specifically for the occasion, the conclusion has been reached.

Thus, the Wikimedia Foundation has decided to end the direct acceptance of cryptocurrency as a means of donating. […] Specifically, we will be closing our BitPay account, which will remove our ability to directly accept cryptocurrency as a donation method. »

A symbolic rather than significant metric

No, insofar as this prohibition serves as fodder for the mill of bitcoin haters, who nowadays are heard more than reason, and with whom discourse is sometimes impossible, a struck prejudice is worth more than a fact confirmed.

Yes, insofar as this prohibition will not have an impact on the foundation’s finances, as the proportion of donations in cryptocurrency is minor. Only $130,000 was received in 2021, or 0.08 percent of the foundation’s total income. 

The goal is to howl with the wolves and position oneself on the right side of the barrier. We are a long way from the original spirit. The Wikimedia Foundation thought that introducing bitcoin as a contribution option would make giving “as straightforward and inclusive as feasible.” Proponents have emphasized the need for anonymous donations in countries where Wikipedia is prohibited or censored, but their pleas have gone unheeded.

In January, the Mozilla Foundation made a similar choice. She had disabled cryptocurrency donations in her Firefox browser. It has since overturned its judgment, but only for cryptos that use proof of stake (PoS), such as MATIC, SOL, BNB, or AVAX. Some Wikimedia members would wish to emulate this model.

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