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Will Dogecoin be used in Macron’s “European metaverse?


A Dogecoin (DOGE) referendum? Following in the footsteps of Elon Musk, Emmanuel Macron has expressed his enthusiasm for the canine altcoin. The President of the Republic has declared that the DOGE will be the foundation for his European metaverse project. This perplexing decision is deciphered.


Will Dogecoin be used in Macron’s “European metaverse”?

Outgoing President Emmanuel Macron finally revealed his political ambition two weeks ago, with a new program for the 2022 presidential race. A “European metaverse” was mentioned, which drew a lot of attention from the crypto-community.

Despite the fact that the project was primarily focused on the creation of technologies to enable virtual universes and the metaverse, it had the impact of reintroducing the term to the electoral campaign. Last February, Republican candidate Valérie Pécresse had mentioned the matter – in a negative light.

Canine altcoin as a European strategy pillar?

Emmanuel Macron, who has already begun his presidential campaign in the middle of it, appears to have gone even further. He confirmed his objectives for the European metaverse project yesterday in front of digital industry professionals, emphasizing the necessity for informational independence on the continent once more:

“Europe’s cultural and informational freedom must pass through a European metaverse.” […] To avoid relying on Anglo-Saxon or Chinese actors, the latter will need to be built on a decentralized digital currency. »

When asked which digital money he would prefer, Emmanuel Macron responded bluntly:

“In terms of cryptocurrency, we’re now looking into a few options. We’ve been watching Mr. Musk’s company integrate Dogecoin with curiosity, and for the time being, it appears to be the most appropriate digital money. As a result, Emmanuel Macron appears to embrace Dogecoin.

We don’t know much about the altcoin’s inclusion yet, but we do know that DOGE transactions will allegedly power the entire metaverse. Because Dogecoin is based on proof of work, it will be up to the states to ensure that each government has at least one mining farm in order to decentralize the network.

It is, of course, a plebiscite for the meme coin. It has gone from an almost forgotten joke to the future money of space in just a few years. And it’s quickly evolving into a critical tool for the European metaverse effort… If the date is to be believed, the news is almost too large to be true. So don’t go to the DOGE without first verifying your schedule!


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